Teva Stock Trading

Teva Stock Trading
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Trade Teva Stock

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel, is a world leading producer of generic drugs and a variety of branded medicines. Teva has a rich history that dates back to 1901 when Chaim Salomon, Moshe Levin and Yitschak Elstein founded a small wholesale drug business in Jerusalem, which was named S.L.E after its founders.

In 1935, Teva was established as an additional branch of S.L.E by Dr Gunter Friedlander in Jerusalem. Between 1930 and 1940, the company became the sole source of pharmaceutical supplies for the local market, neighbouring countries and the British Army, which was stationed in the Middle East.

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In 1951, rapid expansion led to Teva being listed on the TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) as the Teva Middle East Pharmaceutical Chemical Works Company Ltd. With the consolidation in the local pharmaceutical industry in the 1960s, Teva became Israel’s largest drug maker.

From the 1980s, Teva started going global. A major milestone occurred in 1982 when Teva expanded internationally, capitalising on the passing of the Hatch-Waxman Act to enter the US market in the generics sector.

Teva held its NASDAQ IPO on February 26, 1987, becoming one of the first healthcare brands to achieve dual listing. It trades under the ticker symbol TEVA and falls under the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical category.

As of October 2018, Teva produces over 120 billion tablets annually and enjoys leadership positions in over 40 markets around the world.

The company derives over 60% of its revenues from its extensive generic product portfolio. But its most successful product is its branded Copaxone drug that treats multiple sclerosis.

Copaxone once contributed as much as 20% to Teva’s bottom-line, although it faces competition from other generic entrants. In 2018, it still maintained a firm 85% control of the market share.

Teva has achieved global dominance by being an aggressive buyer. Some of its biggest acquisitions include companies such as:

  • Actavis Generics, a $39 billion acquisition that significantly increased their generics product portfolio;
  • Anda, a leading US distributor of generic pharmaceuticals;
  • Ratiopharm, the largest generics drug maker in Germany;
  • Cephalon, a US speciality drugmaker for pain, sleep and cancer medicine;
  • IVAX Corp, a US-based oncology and respiratory products maker with a strong presence in Latin America. Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Auspex Pharmaceuticals, a US neurology drug company.

Teva Stock History

Teva began trading on the NASDAQ in 1987 with a number of shares splits as follows: 2-for-1 on the 14th of April 1993; 2-for-1 on the 23rd of February 2000; 2-for-1 on the 12th of June 2002; and 2-for-1 on the 1st of July 2004. Interestingly, in March 2012, Teva began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Being the largest generics drugmaker in the world, as of October 2018, Teva stock has been a consistent performer over the years.

It achieved its highest ever stock price in August 2015 when it touched $72 a share, following the trademark acquisition of Actavis. This also gave the company its highest ever valuation at the time of $61 billion.

In 2017 the stock had a particularly bad year, as it eroded over 80% of its value from 2015 highs.

The Actavis deal turned out to be overpriced and left Teva burdened with debt, despite achieving status as the largest drug maker in the world. As of October 2018, Teva’s market capitalisation stood at $21 billion.

Teva has been a generous dividend payer. It started paying out dividends in February 2005, distributing $0.30 per share quarterly to shareholders. The quarterly dividends grew consistently until 2014 when Teva paid out $1.21 per share.

Following the huge Actavis deal, Teva cut quarterly dividends in 2015 to $0.34 per share, and even further in 2017 to $0.085 per share. In December 2017, Teva announced a suspension of dividends on its ordinary shares and ADRs as it sought to drive down its overall debt significantly.

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How to Trade Teva Stock

The consensus in Wall Street is that Teva is a high-value stock as it operates in an inelastic industry. Demand for various drugs is difficult to determine because it is so hard to predict what illnesses, when and how many people will fall ill or need treatment.

However, this is an industry typically immune to recessions and political factors. It also has many other fundamental factors going its way, including increased longevity that will continue to increase the demand for drugs used for both treatment and maintenance therapies.

Still, investors should consider the following factors when trading Teva stock:

  • Legislative or Taxation Policy Changes

Teva sells its products all over the world. Medical products are usually the target of frequent legislative and taxation policies. For instance, the United States President, Donald Trump started pushing for lower prices for medical products in 2018. Even though Teva enjoys the pricing power of generic products, such legislation could greatly impact its bottom line.

  • Raw Material Price Dynamics

Aside from its headquarters in Israel, Teva has production facilities in over 80 locations around the world. This means that it sources its raw materials from different places. Changes in raw material prices in any particular region(s) can impact profit margins and consequently, the stock trading price.

  • New Product Rollout

The pharmaceutical industry is characterised by high research and development costs as companies continuously seek to improve healthcare services. Still, the delicate nature of the industry means that is also heavily regulated. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is the primary regulator of the industry, and FDA approval is crucial for any pharmaceutical product. If Teva releases a new product which is subsequently approved by the FDA, investors will be excited, and its stock price will react accordingly. However, if a drug does not get FDA approval, then it can wreak havoc on the share price.

  • Periodical Earnings Reports

Teva’s fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31, and the company releases quarterly financial reports to keep shareholders posted on its business health. Earnings reports also serve as an avenue for declaring dividend payouts (or lack thereof), announcing profit or loss warnings, as well as releasing future business projections.

As pharmaceuticals is a fast-paced industry, it is prudent to track these factors for short- and medium-term impacts on the stock price. This will offer more quality trading opportunities, as opposed to tracking long-term effects when the factors would have been priced at the prevailing stock price.

Disclaimer: This is a general analysis and not to be viewed or construed as actual trading advice or a recommendation of any kind and just an example of how a particular instrument could, potentially, be traded.

Teva Stock Trading Information

  • MT4 Symbol: #TEVA
  • Trading Time: Monday – Friday 13:00 – 19:59 London Time GMT
  • Country: USA
  • Currency: USD
  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Leverage: Up to

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